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We present to you modish everyday–products inspired by the traditional Palestinian embroidery.

The juxtaposition and collocation of colors used for the embroidery designs are our first concerns.


We use the familiar traditional colors but more focusing on abnormal new highlights.

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Still, the embroidery patterns and figures that we use are purely traditional and localized. Each pattern we chose guides us to a specific area of Palestine.

We are happy to identify each product’s pattern  region of birth which you can read about alongside each

piece in the shop.

Al Jalil (Galilee)

A Palestine Madonna by Eric Matson. 1930's

A Palestinian family in Bethlehem by Khalil Raad. 1930's


"Peace and love to all embroidery fans out there! This page presents a content of matured and well studied products after many years of commitment and passion. And a stitch by stitch to carry out this store.

We wish you to support our brand new project and we hope you'll all enjoy the work in your hands.

Sima Mizirawi


Sima Mizirawi is a designer and craft woman, she was born and raised in Ramallah surrounded by the family and the city’s traditions of handmade embroidery. However she found her own world of this craft by using the surprising colors and some twist of the ancestral designs.

Palestinian embroidery inherently is an exclusively female artistic tradition, and we are honored to support local women by running the embroidery knitting with, as well working locally with tailors to produce these special products. We are very proud to deliver our colorful ideas with a full Palestinian talent and creativeness.


To update you with our works, offers, announcements and more

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